The mission of the 
Prairie Woods Audubon Society, as a chapter of the National Audubon Society, is to conserve the environment, to prese
rve wildlife and natural habitats, and to provide opportunities for education, nature appreciation, and fellowship. 


Here are the NEW officers for PWA in accordance with our charter and by-laws.  Election were held April 20, 2017 at 7:25 pm.  

President:  Jon Keasling

Vice Pres:  Geri Keasling

Treasurer:  Sylvia Vassmer, MBA

Secretary:  Open (please--we need someone!)  

Board At Large:  Sheryl Robinson, Hannah Vassmer and Louis Vassmer


Thank you for your support.


Fun Time For Prairie Woods Audubon's 
40th Anniversary!

PWA's 5 Presidents from the past and present:
(from left to right):  D. Heaton, N. Wedow, L. Vassmer (Present Pres), R. Johnson and B. Herner

Thursday, May 18, 2017 


Spring Valley Nature Ctr

PWA presents:  

Jim Kovac! Mysteries of the Cosmos –  The Multiverse

As scientists train ever more sophisticated instruments toward the heavens as well as on our home world, the observations and theories developed attempt to push back the boundaries of the unknown. Join the continuing exploration of questions that are the subject of research today, that challenge our understanding of the cosmos – Why is the Universe the way it is?  What of the Multiverse?

Join Jim Kovac for this multimedia extravaganza!  A space exploration enthusiast from an early age, Jim Kovac grew up during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo mission years. He has watched with interest as exciting discoveries from NASA’s planetary missions have been made, and anticipates the potential of further exploration and discovery as current and future space missions unfold. Jim is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador!  

This is our last presentation for the season.  So you must be there!  Get there early for the best seats in the house.  They will fill in quickly.  We will have light refreshments.  FREE!  


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