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Your membership pays for our education programs, presentations, outreach and expenses. Without you, we would not exist! We appreciate your support if not only PWA but the planet as well. Thank you!

FLYER Newsletter Has Evolved!

Prairie Woods Audubon Society (PWA) is now free to all! Yes, free for you to download. You no longer need to be a member. Surprising? It is. However, our costs for printing a newsletter was exceeding what we were receiving from National. This meant we could no longer afford many speakers, awarding educational grants, cutbacks on operating expenses and so on. Our mission is to the environment and the community.

To our 1100+ members, this mission will be carried out!

Head on over to our Newsletter page and enjoy!

Members received a postcard explaining our new format. If you wish to receive an email reminding you the newsletter is online on our PWA site, please send us an email with your name to:

Why do this?

This will result in a significant cost savings to the chapter and helps conserve our nation's resources.

NOTICE: Your email address will NEVER be sold or provided to others, not even to National Audubon, as a result of signing up for this service.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to us.

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Prairie Woods Audubon Society Membership Form

Chapter Membership Benefits: Free membership meetings, field trips and special events.

You will have access to seven member meetings yearly which feature speakers on nature-related topics (and snacks!) as well as field trips to some of the beautiful natural areas of the Chicago area. A free members' picnic in June with food and fun!

We are environmentally friendly. Our E-Newsletter is packed with pictures, vivid color & the up to date information. You will get 8 monthly online newsletters. Help save trees and natural resources. The future generation thanks you!

Your membership fee helps us maintain Palatine Prairie, a 6½ acre original (not restored) prairie, provides funds for grants to local teachers and schools/nature centers, and provides educational programs/events for the community.

* Note: You will not receive the Audubon National Magazine but the PWA Flyer instead.

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Thank you for saving the trees!

Membership Levels

__ Chickadee - $25

__ Robin - $35

__ Great Blue Heron - $45

__ Bald Eagle (lifetime membership) - $250

__ Sorry, I can’t join right now, but please accept this donation $___________

Make checks payable to “Prairie Woods Audubon Society.”

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Prairie Woods Audubon Society

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